Carina Johnson

Specialist counsellor / Psychologist

About me

I am a counsellor specialising in eating disorders and trauma. I have been working in the field of eating disorders and addiction since 2006. I have helped many people to reclaim their freedom and live with meaning and purpose.


I am currently working in private practice and part-time at an eating disorder treatment centre. I have worked in an addiction clinic, and as a trauma counsellor at SAPS. I have seen clients with all kinds of mental health problems, social and domestic difficulties, clients who self-harm, and clients suffering from PTSD.

Alongside my professional training and experience, I also have an insider’s perspective. I am in long-term recovery from an eating disorder and addiction myself. My experiences have been invaluable in helping me to help others.


I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology from UWC and has spent a decade working in the field of eating disorders. I have received training in various areas including mindfulness, Schema therapy, trauma therapy and DBT. I primarily make use of Schema-focused therapy and mindfulness self-compassion.

There are times when our own resources fail and we need input and support from others. Reaching out in those times and asking for new information and tools is an indication of strength and willingness to change. Therapy equips people with tools for living and is a safe space to learn and grow.  Deciding to enter therapy is an important step towards healing and freedom and only you know when it is your time to step forward and enter the process.


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